Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Swan Song by PostMuse

Estella bent in and murmured, "I see it, but don't let those two back there catch on. You know how nosey they are."
Estella and Vincent paddled away, keeping their treasure a secret. Vincent whispered, "Do you really think it will work?" He had his fears. After all, they did find it behind the most treacherous of the falls, and the only creature who dares to venture there is the elf, Cyndimor. And she is often a trickster.
It was happenstance that put Estella and Vincent where swans don't venture. A dive for a particular tasty plant revealed an underwater passage. They couldn't resist a peek. Curiosity is only dangerous for cats.
Glancing back, Estella answered, "If it does, we will make the most beautiful music."

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