Thursday, 23 January 2014

The thing from the humans by buddy

"Hello", said Emil the shrimp to his friend Hannes the cichlid. "Hello", said Hannes as well. "I'm so bored Hannes. Do you want to play with me?"
"Hmm..." replied Hannes. "Actually, I wanted to sleep in the sea weed." "Please, please" said Emil. "I'm so bored." "Alright but what shall we play?" "Yesterday I've found a great thing from the humans. It came recently from their world."
Emil and Hannes swam to the thing from the humans and investigated it. Hannes said, "I know this thing. Humans call it crate and they store things in it." "They store things inside", repeated Emil. "I want to have a closer look." Suddenly the lid of the crate closed.
"Help me Hannes. Help. I'm afraid", cried Emil. But what could Hannes do? "I can't save you on my own but I'm looking for help." Hannes came back with Rüdiger the pike and Rüdiger tried everything to get Emil out of the crate but what could he do to get him out of a closed crate.
Emil whined about what would happen if he had to stay in this crate forever but no one had a good advice. Suddenly a boat came towards the crate and it rammed into it and turned the crate upside down. Emil's body shook and he had closed his eyes because he was still in the crate. Hannes and Rüdiger were back again and looked from above onto the crate. "Emil, open your eyes. You are free." Now they could see that the crate had no bottom.
From that day on, Emil swam a long way round things from the humans.

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