Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Feeling free by Nenya (lost card)

I hold your hand in mine and we are flying over the desert for miles and miles. You're shivering a bit and I wrap my arms around you, shield you from the cold wind.
The palace is far behind us and we're feeling free if only just for a moment. No one who tells us what to do or how to behave.
Your hair brushes over my skin and I can feel your breath on my face. When you look at me, it feels like butterflies in my stomach and I can't believe how lucky I am that I've found you and you found me.
In this moment you turn your head around and give me that smile I love so much. You sigh and look back into the direction we came from.
"We have to go back", you say and sigh again. "I guess so", I answer slowly and turn our carpet around. We fly back to the palace, back to restrictions we're living in but there will be another time to break out. Just a moment to feel free again, one tiny moment.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Poem of Anna Achmatowa by Ninotschka's Mum

Herz ist nicht an Herz gekettet,
Wenn du möchtest - kannst du gehn.
Wie auf Rosen ist gebettet,
Der da frei geht seinen Weg.

Kein Geheule, keine Klagen,
Glücklich werd ich niemals sein!
Küss mich nicht, bin müd, verzagt,
Mich küsst nur der Tod allein.

Quälte mich so lange Tage
Mit dem Winter, der so weiß...
Warum bist du besser, sag es,
Als der Mann, der mir verheissen?

Heart is not chained to heart,
If you want - you can go.
As is bedded on roses,
He's going his own way.

No howling, no complaints,
I will never be happy!
Do not kiss me, I'm tired, despondent,
Only death alone kisses me.

Tormented me for so many days
With winter so white ...
Why are you better, say it,
As the man who was promised me?

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Alone in the pack by Kathrin

Zusammen den Mond anheulen -
willst du nicht, kannst du nicht, weigerst dich.
Nur zu wiederholen, was andere rufen,
daran wächst du nicht.

Willst deinen eigenen Schrei finden
nicht nur heulen und brüllen
willst handeln, erleben, kämpfen
was zähl sind Ehrgeiz und Leidenschaft.

Warum sind nicht mehr wie du?

Howling to the moon together -
you don't want to, you cannot, you refuse to.
Just to repeat what others call,
you do not grow on it.

Want to find your own scream
not just howl and roar
want to act, experience, fight
what counts are ambition and passion.

Why aren't you more like you?

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Summer, Sun, Beach and Ocean by Buddy (Lost Card)

Sommer, Sonne, Strand und Meer
was will man eigentlich im Urlaub mehr.
Ein Cocktail oder ein Bananenbrot,
ja das tut es auch zur Not.

Doch das schlimmste, muß ich sagen,
wenn die Zeit so schnell vergeht ich kann es nicht ertragen.
Nun steh ich ihr am Strand und schau auf's Meer,
Tränenden fallen in dem Sand.

Die Sonne geht unter die Wellen tosen,
hinter mir singen die weißen Matrosen.
Zum Abschied weht der Wind durch mein Haar,
der Urlaub war einfach Wunderbar.

Summer, sun, beach and sea
What else do you want on vacation?
A cocktail or a banana bread,
yes, it also does it for emergencies.

But the worst, I have to say,
When time goes by so fast I can not stand it.
Now I stand on the beach and look at the sea,
Watery people fall in the sand.

The sun is roaring under the waves,
behind me the white sailors sing.
Goodbye, the wind blows through my hair,
the holiday was just wonderful.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Good Moon by Theodor Enslin (Michael)

Guter Mond, du gehst so stille
Durch die Abendwolken hin;
Deines Schöpfers weiser Wille
Hieß auf jener Bahn dich ziehn.
Leuchte freundlich jedem Müden
In das stille Kämmerlein!
Und dein Schimmer gieße Frieden
Ins bedrängte Herz hinein!

Good moon, you go so quiet
Through the evening clouds;
Your Creator's wise will
Was called on the track you pull.
Light friendly to everyone tired
In the quiet little room!
And your shimmer pour peace
Into the beleaguered heart!