Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Wolf man by Nenya (lost card)

She could hear him howl in the mountains, calling her, always calling her. Slowly she closed her eyes and exhaled. Hearing him broke her heart but she couldn't go to him, not during the full moon.
For a moment, she looked longingly at the mountains but then she turned around and walked into the tent.
The old woman across the fire watched her enter the tent and shook her head. If the young woman would think about what was good for her, she would forget the man who looked like a wolf.
But the old woman had been young once as well and she knew what it felt like to fall in love with a wolf man. If you fell in love with one of them, you could never go back and love another man.
She smiled kindly and knowingly when the young woman looked into her eyes and they sat in silence, listening to the howling of the wolves.

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